Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From Atl to GVL

I'm not in Atlanta anymore!

In the Summer of 2011 our family decided it was time for a change. We were ready to leave Atlanta. Olive just turned 3 and finished her first dance recital. I had a lead on full-time teaching position in Greenville, SC, a city I knew nothing about (except it was on the way to Asheville). After a visit to Legacy Charter School (temporary campus, pre-re/construction), a couple meetings, and an afternoon excursion through Greenville's incredible downtown I was hooked. Actually, it was a couple weeks later, after I brought Leslie and we discovered Pita House, that we were all sold. So, we packed up a gazillion drums and hit the road for Greenville, SC.

I joined the faculty of Legacy Charter School as a full-time World Percussion teacher. There were LOTS of challenges, but very quickly we created one of the most exciting, most promising programs I've ever been a part of. Together we all learned alot.

Although I had a full-plate with LCS, I accepted a second faculty position when I joined the Dance Department at South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. When I lived in Boston and New York I enjoyed some great work with dance companies, so I was excited to get back into this world again. Since joining SCGSAH in 2012, I've enjoyed expanding my role within the department, accompanying modern classes, composing and performing for recitals, audio engineering, and now creating my own original "Music for Dancers" curriculum which I've also presented at other local studios.

As 2013 was coming to a close, we were preparing for the birth of Olive's brother, Silas. In preparation for our new addition I made the difficult decision to restructure my schedule and priorities which meant leaving LCS to lighten my load, and re-focus on family.

It's been incredible spending more time with Olive and Silas, but now Silas is all grown (1.5yrs) and ready to take over the world! Olive is now 7yrs and has been dancing for the past 5yrs - those classes don't come cheap, so.. Still serving SCGSAH, in 2014 I began working with Greenville Symphony Orchestra, creating and performing educational outreach programs.

All is well, but even bigger things are in store for 2015...

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